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How much is unclear messaging costing you? How many potential customers can’t hear your offer in the sea of noise? How many of your events are half empty because people don’t know why they should come? How many people are passing up your consulting? Can potential customers understand why they need your product or service? A lack of clarity may already be costing you a great deal.

Perfect Reasons to Start Creating Expert Content for Your Company Today
Build Trust with Potential Customers

You are an authority in your field. The more content you create and share with your target audience, the more easily they can see that you know what you’re talking about. People trust experts and hire them to help solve problems.

Build Brand Awareness

If done correctly, you can use content marketing to significantly increase traffic to your site so you can get consistent, quality traffic and inbound links to your site, and expose them to a brand they never knew existed. You’ll be able to generate more awareness and leads for your business through your content and use it to demonstrate your skill and expertise again and again.

For example, your visitors bureau may create a weekly video series of simple 1-minute videos on how to make the most of a weekend in town. Your target audience gets to see your city and local businesses in action each week. The more they know and like your city, the more likely they are to become familiar and visit.

Great for SEO

When you open your browser and type a keyword or phrase into Google, the search engine is working hard to bring you the most relevant information regarding your search query. When you are creating expert content for the sake of sharing useful and valuable information to your ideal target buyers,, Google recognizes that your content is useful and provides the answer to people searching, therefore it will rank higher in the search results.

Search engine algorithms are always changing, but as long as you consistently create and keep your content current (up to date, not falling behind the times), informative (solving problems or answering questions), and relevant (has to do with the search word or phrase), it will rank higher and longer in the search engines. (Source: uhurunetwork .com)

Lead Generation

Awareness is king. Good content marketing enables future customers to find you through your informative content. Most of the time this is before they are even ready to make a decision to buy. Meaning, your competition isn’t even in the picture. Use additional premium content on your site (like pdf downloads) to draw them in even further. You need leads in order to sell, and content marketing is a proven way to reach them.

Attract The Right Customers

Conversion not just Promotion. If a million people visit your website and none of them are looking for what you offer, what good was the traffic?  A good content marketing strategy will help educate the internet and your future customers. It will educate search engines like Google and Bing that you are the right company for them to rank when people search for products or services that you offer. It will help educate future customers that you are the company that have been looking for that has the solution to their problems!!

The genius of content marketing is that while you’ll be educating Google on your expertise, only people who are really interested in what you hoffer are the ones viewing it.

Only people who are interested in your products or services are going to google terms that results in them reading your content. Of these searchers, only those who are genuinely intrigued by your offerings are going to click your website link. If you have a well-designed, highly-converting landing page, those customers who truly want your product will fill out your form! You will filter out the unnecessary traffic and have future customers primed to buy.

Convert Website Visitors into Buyers

People make decisions on the internet based on the words they read. If you can tell the potential client What You Do, Why It Makes Their Life Better, and How To Get It, in a readable and convincing fashion, you will win the day on the internet. It’s doable, and we can help guide you.

Your Visitors will Share Your Content on Social Networks

You’re an expert in your field and that means you know things that most others don’t. If your content solves a common problem in a unique way or distributes a piece of important information, it’s likely that other businesses will share content that helps make them look good as a thought leader/expert. Social media is quickly catching up with search engines as the best way for content to reach consumers.

Of course you should aim to create useful content that people want to read, but if you can create content that people share you’ll be way ahead of the game. The more people exposed to your content the better, and as we now live in the “digital, mobile, and viral” age, an especially exciting post may pick up enough momentum to put it in front of more people than you had ever imagined.

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