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Are you doing Pay-Per-Click advertising and not getting a strong return on your spend? How much is that costing you in potential revenue? Are your landing pages converting visitors into buyers? Even if your PPC is well managed, not having well-built landing pages may already be costing you a great deal.


Pay-per-click (or PPC) advertising is fairly well known and easy to understand on the surface. When you buy an ad on Google, Bing (now Microsoft Advertising), or Facebook/Instagram, you’re charged each time someone clicks on the advertisement and visits your website. However, in order to run a successful PPC campaign – you’ll need both a good plan and a good destination for your potential customers or clients. You don’t want to waste money on unqualified clicks. At Tandem Digital Marketing we help plan new strategies and optimize existing campaigns so that you get the most bang for your buck every time your ad is clicked.

Does Pay-Per-Click Marketing Work?

Here is a story from an actual campaign that we did…
A construction business in Southern California. The owner built this business from the ground up over 20 years based solely on hard work and a good reputation. But he noticed that now the company was having a hard time growing. He wanted to build the business for the next generation but the leads just weren’t coming like they used to; This is where Pay-Per-Click advertising came in. Through a great strategy we build together with him and his employees, the company is seeing more leads each month than ever before. Tandem Digital helped target the exact type of customers the wanted in the exact locations they wanted to do their work! The potential customers are seeing the Company and Website every time they search online for the services they offer! People are actually filling out the quote form on their website! New possibilities and opportunities are before them like never before! Just like we worked “in tandem” with this owner’s team in Southern California, we can work alongside you too.

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