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Web Design

How much is outdated or poor web design costing you? How many potential clients abandon your pages? How many more products could be sold with some improvements to your customer journey? How many people are passing up your quality service? Can potential customers understand why they need your product or service? A lack of clarity on your website may already be costing you.

Websites are not just supposed to be pretty (although we do build beautiful websites). Websites are supposed to generate new business! Businesses are often left with a site built by designers and not business people. The client spends a lot of money without increasing in sales. We can help you change that. We build sites that take advantage of best practices in conversion optimization. This means you will not only impress visitors on your site, you’ll help convert them to buyers!

Case Study

Healthy Design Functional Medicine was founded by a long time Physical Therapist name Heth Jennings. Heth wanted to take his model for working with his rehabilitation patients and turn it into a consultancy business that would help many more people than he could help by himself on an in-person basis. Heth had been incorporating the healing benefits of functional medicine in his practice for years, and wanted to transition that daily work with his patients into a stand alone functional medicine consultancy model that could expand his opportunity to work with clients all over the country.

  • Brand Identity that could be launched immediately and build trust.
  • Brand and site copy that will prove credibility and convert visitors to buyers.
  • New website that educates and builds trust and guides users through to scheduling and payment.
  • Online Automatic Scheduling
  • Online Automatic Billing and Payment
The Challenge

We needed to build a presence worthy of attention. The company needed a look and feel that matched the credibility and personality of Heth.
It was important to break up the complex information into short, digestible content.
The site needed to build trust with potential clients. Building credibility of Heth in the eyes of his clients and potential clients was of utmost importance.
The site needed to be built in a way that would break down preconceived barriers that new clients may have. Automatic Scheduling and Billing without a personal assistant and without Heth doing that admin work himself was also mission critical for the success of Heth’s launch.

The Solution

We brought Heth in for a Half-Day Discovery Retreat to build out the Brand Identity of the company.
We worked alongside Heth to build the company’s Positioning, Purpose, Personality, and Promise. We worked through extensive competitive analysis. This process allowed us to help guide Heth on how to position his company in a growing market.

Tandem designed and made recommendations based on best practices. However, we bring our clients in to review and give feedback on the process every step of the way. Just like we did with Heth, we want all of our clients to feel their websites represent them, their values, and their products well.


Healthy Design went from a word-of-mouth business to an authoritative online presence in a matter of weeks — and you can too. Whether you have an existing website or are starting a new one, we can help guide you from concept – to- analysis -to- building leads -to- real company growth. From Problem to Solution. From Function to Form. From Treading Water to Real Growth. From Growth to Sustained Revenue.  It starts with a well-built, high-converting website.

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